About the Book

About the Book

An Eye for the Highest and Best:

Practicing Appreciative Inquiry

An Eye for the Highest and Best by Nancy-Angel Doetzel

An Eye for the Highest and Best: Practicing Appreciative Inquiry was inspired by many journal entries and was written while aiming to re-examine life through a miracle-minded lens, seeing a glass as half full, instead of half empty. An Appreciative Inquiry model, suggested by Diana Whitney, Amanda Trosten-Bloom, encourages us to examine the best of what was, what is, what could be, what should be, and what will be. Different from most modes of communication, Appreciative Inquiry promotes transformative dialogue and action by presenting a positive perspective. A heart/mind synergy is evident in this form of interaction when individuals begin to feel a sense of hope, excitement, co-operation, and ownership about the best of their future. This paradigm shift in viewing the world requires us to re-think former ideologies that shaped reality and to formulate new ways of discovering truth; latent truths can be unearthed when certain ideologies that separate head from heart are transcended by new ways of knowing. Such an evolution in thought can result in formulating new ideas and fresh ways of living life.

The author acknowledges that no two individuals exist within the exact same reality, nor do they construct duplicate meanings from their own, or others’, life experiences. No two people view an event from the exact same standpoint, nor do they share a completely common perspective about events that take place. Each of us embraces our own unique reality and our own version of the truth. What Dr. Doetzel shares in this book is based on her own remembered reality and on the meanings that she has attached to whatever she has experienced, read, seen, or heard. She has written this book with a sincere commitment to present the truthful insights that she has gained during her observations as a professor, researcher, journalist, musician, and cancer survivor. She honours Parker Palmer’s message that we teach who we are, and we should let our life speak. The writing is heart-centered, and is intended to honor whoever’s story, wisdom and knowledge are being shared.

An Eye for the Highest and Best by Nancy-Angel Doetzel

Facts about the book:

Throughout the book, Dr. Doetzel aims to demonstrate how her challenges throughout life became gems in her learning. From others’ shared experiences and her own, she has aimed to show that a certain genius within us can appear because of our trials and tribulations. A persons wounds and scars can build strength and character. Discovering purpose in one’s pain, is comparable to developing eyes for the highest and best. Any kind of “manure” found within one’s life, can be converted into fertilizer for becoming the best version of self and finding contentment.

Purpose of Book:

It is hoped that this book will assist readers to develop some healthy habits of mind, resulting in finding contentment. Embracing and practicing Appreciative Inquiry could enable truth seekers to see a tree within an acorn, a butterfly within a caterpillar, and a rainbow within a storm. This book is intended to encourage readers to discover a more conscious way of living that warrants gratitude. The reflective stories and questions found in the book give insight on ways to remove blocks to developing healthier relationships and experiencing greater joy.

An Eye for the Highest and Best by Nancy-Angel Doetzel

Quotes from the book

  1. By now they had both come to embrace the belief that good can come out of anything. They had developed an eye for the highest and best
  2. I’ve come to understand how good it feels to be good, he told his classmates.
  3. Dr. Marion Woodman writes about how she felt the spiritual energy of music lift her off the couch, propelling her to dance despite having a tumor in her spine.
  4. Discovering eyes for the highest and best reflected the wonder of a child, as Angel and her husband gratefully joined the celebrations.
  5. At a moment when Angel demonstrated her passion for teaching, writing, and singing, a gentle breeze, like the breath of her Creator, was blowing her long blond curls across her fear-filled face during an illuminating and colorful sunset.
  6. Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish’s memory of his daughters, who died so unexpectedly, has been his daily inspiration to teach forgiveness and peaceful measures.

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May 1 2022





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An Eye for the Highest and Best by Nancy-Angel Doetzel