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About the Author

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Dr. Nancy-Angel Doetzel

Dr. Nancy-Angel Doetzel has been  teaching in the Sociology Faculty of Mount Royal University since 2006, and as a seasonal sessional instructor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary for several years.

An award-winning scholar, journalist, and musician, she won a Distinguished Dissertation Award for her doctorate dissertation, leading to the publication of her two books: Cultivating Spirituality in Education: Synergizing Heart and Mind and Old Heart Child’s Eyes: A Diary of Miracles.

In 2017, her students at Mount Royal University honoured her with a Teaching Excellence Award. In 2018 her students also acknowledged her for promoting wellbeing and good health within the classroom, and for being a good mentor.  She received her MA, HBA, HBSW, and BA degrees from Lakehead University. She received her doctorate from the University of Calgary in 2004.

She studied Intuitive Medicine in Vancouver and received a professional certification (I.C.A.D.C) from the Canadian Council of Professional Certification. She also was awarded a Broadcasting Radio and Television diploma from Confederation College.

In addition to teaching her students to examine the world through different lenses, Dr. Doetzel  encourages them to: exercise altruism, promote social justice, and practice being good sociologists. Her Mount Royal University blog is titled, Debunking Deceptive Myths. In addition to Dr. Doetzel’s recently published books, she has also authored and published eight scholarly articles in her field. In February 2020, the Calgary Herald, rated one of her books (a pre-amble to this one) as a local best seller. She is currently conducting research about complementary medicine and continuing to teach at Mount Royal University. Aside from teaching and conducting research, Dr. Doetzel has hosted a radio show “From the Heart,” airing on AM 1140 High River, for the past 10 years. She has also recorded four albums of her own original songs.